The New Generation of Folding Electric Bikes

Practical, Portable, Perfect

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The Exxite Folding Ebikes
XS folding electric bicycle with a dark background

The XS

20" wheels.
The XS is for the daily urban commuter.
It's all about performance.

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XXS folding electric bicycle with a dark background


16" wheels.
The XXS is the perfect fit for the versatile commuter.

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The Exxite Urban Ebikes
Exxite Next and Next Step electric bicycles with a dark background

The NeXt

27,5" wheels.
The all-integrated urban ebike.
Lightweight, flush design and minimalistic shape.

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Exxite X One electric bicycle with a dark background

The X One

The Bike that started the new generation.
"The True 21st century ebike" as described by Forbes

Exxite XXS folding electric bicycle ready to ride

Elevate your commute

Our electric bikes are always ready for a ride with the best performance.

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Exxite XS folding electric bicycle, folded in an apartment

There is no excuse

Our folding ebikes are truly easy to fold and store at your, home, office or anywhere.

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EIVA 2.0 App and MicroEIVA Device being used

EIVA 2.0 and MicroEIVA

Stay Connected

The EIVA 2.0 is our Software and App
developed by Rayvolt to control,
customize and monitor your bike.

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